Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back on your feet - High Hopes

Hi Everyone!

Here is my first pic for my new blog. I coloured the image with Copic markers and my wife and her friend layered up the card. Just got started with the Copics and love to colour with them. I really wish I could layer up the cards like everyone else, but so far I haven't quite mastered that yet. I'm working on it though. Hope you like the card. All products from The Rubber Room Store and Online Store.


  1. Welcome to blogland, Joe.
    Your coloring is just how Cathy put the card together too.
    Awesome card!!

    Karen x

  2. Hey Joe, Now see this is why you are the Copic Man. I love this card. You did an amazing job. Talk to you later.

  3. Great job Joe!!
    What an awesome job with this card. I can't wait to see what you do next with those markers!

  4. Such an artist!!! The coloring on this is fantastic. When I look at it I feel as if I'm looking at some famous person's work! I could never get the hang of Copics, but you are the master! I also love with Cathy did with the card. You two make an awesome team! Great job! Best, Curt

  5. I shrieked out loud when I saw this! Ha ha, I am still giggling! I can't believe how well your color choices worked and how your expert techniques brought the image to life! It is definitely one of the top ten cards I have ever seen! I feel extra honored that you chose one of my images for your first blog post too, so thank you for that! What a great team you and your wife make!!

  6. Hey Crazy Joe,
    I love your card and can hardly wait to sit down with you tomorrow and learn some of your tricks! See you then!!

  7. This card is great! I love the colours you chose. I never thought to do an autumn/fall colour... I always just think green!