Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Elephant

Here is a pink elephant. I really wanted a grey elephant but all the Copics I had at the time were one pink and a couple reds and a few other colours and NO GREY!! So pink it was!

I can't remember which ones because I did this a while ago. I have figured out now that my wife and the ladies in the class or at the store want to know which colours I used. So now I will really try to write down which colours I have used. Sometimes, though I just grab colours that I think will look good together or try to make what I have work. But alas when I'm done - I have forgotten which ones I used.

Anyway hope you like this card. Thanks to DW for the layering. All products from The Rubber Room Store and Online Store.


  1. Joe, cool card!! I really liked the pink elephant from the first time I saw it in the store. LOL you will get use to keep colours to the side that you used. Don't worry you are not the only one that has that problem. But you will become a teacher yet!!! Have a good class tomorrow.

  2. Love your pink elephant, Joe.
    Absolutley amazing coloring!!

    Karen x

  3. Now I have the "Pink Elephants" song from Disney going through my head! (giggle) I love your coloring, and I love seeing an artist take liberties to get creative with color, esp with HH stamps, which are not supposed to represent reality anyway! Your shading looks great! The way the card is put together is also very attractive and beautiful.