Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flowers - again

Okay, again with the flowers. I hope my DW makes a card out of something I coloured other than flowers! I guess it is spring so.... Anyway hope you like it and my DW says she is going to teach me to layer up my own card!!! Have a great day to all!!!
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  1. Very nice Joe! Love the colours and shading--You da man!


  2. Wow, this flower.
    Great coloring.
    Your DW did a fabulous job of layering up the card!!

    Karen x

  3. Gorgeous graduation of color on the petals. Beautiful work again! I would love to see you do your own card with your images too!

  4. Great card and wonderful colors.

  5. Hi Joe - You asked a question on my blog, so just in case you didn't go back to see if I answered you there, I thought I'd pop by here and leave the answer here too: You asked about what to do with a face you colored that ended up too dark brown from trying to correct mistakes. Here is what I would try:
    If your image is completely dry, you can take the blender pen and start working the color out. You will at first only be pushing the color around, though some of it will begin to disappear. After you have covered the whole face with the blender pen, going in small circles, and avoiding going too close to the black lines of the image, let it dry for 15 or so minutes. You don't want to go too close to the edge of the stamp drawing because what will happen is you will push the color right over the edges and it will be an inky mess bleeding and spreading beyond the lines. However, if that happens, it can be fixed too, so don't worry.
    After you have done this once, repeat the process, and let it dry again. Repeat it again if you need to, and you probably will if you are trying to erase a dark brown color.
    If you get ink that has bled over the outside edges of your stamp design, that can be erased with the blender pen too, as long as you wait the 15 or so minutes for the paper to be dry. Just push it back towards the line with a back and forth stroke.
    You will not end up with completely white paper after you do this, but it will become light enough to accept another color. Just don't add the shade you want until your paper is bone dry!
    Hope that helps!